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This Eastern tradition, of which I had known little beyond stereotypes, turned out to have rich resources that attracted me and sparked my curiosity.

In particular I became intrigued with the way the Eastern Orthodox family (which includes the Greek, Russian, Serbian, Antiochian, and several other communities) celebrated the Trinity—not as an abstract exercise in theological hairsplitting, but as an introduction to a powerful and dynamic view of God.

I learned that the early church leaders described the Trinity using the term perichoresis (peri—circle, choresis—dance): the Trinity was an eternal dance of the Father, Son, and Spirit sharing mutual love, honor, happiness, joy, and respect. Against this backdrop, God’s act of creation means that God is inviting more and more beings into the eternal dance of joy. Sin means that people are stepping out of the dance, corrupting its beauty and rhythm, crashing and tackling and stomping on feet instead of moving with grace, rhythm, and reverence. Then, in Jesus, God enters creation to restore the rhythm and beauty again.

Brian McLaren, A Generous Orthodoxy
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